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ALVEOLE (Germany)
Defying the fetters of genre and category, Alveole is solely concerned with magical moments in their sound as well as honesty and ingenuity in their lyrics. The pains and blisses of relationships, the sometimes personal and introspective feelings of each band member, but also socially critical themes are being painted in the most intriguing verses and in the most powerful and anthem-like choruses.

Bandcamp (Check our Album here!):
 Adjust the Sun (Germany)

ADJUST THE SUN is a six piece band from Erlangen, Germany. They play a mixture of Melodic Death Metal and some progressive influences with growls but clean refrains. ADJUST THE SUN create an emotional and powerful sound you've never heard before.

They're ready to make their way... SO WATCH OUT!!!

The KeyDrum Project (Spain)

Greetings!! We are The Keydrum Project. Formed in 2013 by Antonio Jiménez (Keyboard / Piano Player) and Alan Köhler (Drums). We like to pick up scores give them an orchestral and rhythmic touch, destroying the Essence of the Song.

And now-a-day we are recording our first EP with our own Progressive Sh*t! Check it out!

Please, for any suggestion, contact us!


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